Exhibition Texts

Morrissette, Suzanne. 2014. In Residence on Rabbit Island: Reflections on the Politics of Remote Wilderness. Rabbit Island 2014 Residency Exhibition, 47-51. Devos Museum: Marquette. 

Morrissette, Suzanne. 2013. Gathering: to come together, to collect. Surface & Symbol: works by Jean Marshall, 6-13. Ed. Janna Hiemstra. Ontario Crafts Council: Toronto. 

Morrissette, Suzanne. 2013. Something About Encounter. Ed. Cheryl L’Hirondelle. Thunder Bay Art Gallery: Thunder Bay.

Morrissette, Suzanne, and Julie Nagam. 2012. Concealed Geographies. ASpace Gallery: Toronto. 

Morrissette, Suzanne. 2012. Setting and Source. Setting: land, 6-13. Ed. Richard William Hill. Thunder Bay Art Gallery: Thunder Bay.

Morrissette, Suzanne. 2010. Luke Parnell. past now. MacLaren Art Centre: Barrie. 


Doucet, Emily, and Suzanne Morrissette. 2010. What Are We Doing Here?: rhyme and reason at 16 Days of Non Organised Art. Paperwait, 51-54. Vol. 15.

Morrissette, Suzanne. 2016. Routing Towards Reconciliation, a review of The Land We Are: Artists & Writers Unsettle the Politics of ReconciliationTOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies, 191-95. No. 36.

Morrissette, Suzanne. 2010. Ours, and the Hands that Hold Us. Fuse Magazine, 41-42. Vol. 3. No. 4.

Creative Non-Fiction

Morrissette, Suzanne. 2012. incomplete thoughts on knowing through place. Manitowapow, 398-399. Eds. Niigaanwewidam Sinclair and Warren Cariou. Winnipeg: Highwater Press.

Texts About My Artwork


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Myers, Lisa. 2011. Best Before: Recipes and Food in Contemporary Aboriginal Art. Masters thesis, OCAD University.