our land, together

works by Scott Benesiinaabandan, Christian Chapman, and Cheryl L'Hirondelle
Harbourfront Centre and Planet Indigenous, Toronto
June 20-September 20, 2015

This exhibition, titled after an English translation of the Cree song titled kitaskinanaw written by collaborators Cheryl L'Hirondelle and Joseph Naytowhow, draws attention to the inherently political relationships that Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples hold with the land, and with each other. Common understandings of this relationship have historically tended to undermine Indigenous perspectives and world-view in ways that foreclose discussions of Indigenous nationhood, self-determination, and treaty rights. This exhibition - our land, together - brings together the work of three Indigenous artists who share their own understandings of the embedded personal and communal relationships Indigenous people hold with the land as home, as territory, and as the source of law and philosophy.